Tyresö Hills

Ocean view hilltop pool

Beautiful view over the ocean

Tom and his partner had the opportunity to build their dreamhouse on this beautiful spot with a amazing view. From the very beginning they knew they wanted to install a pool. They did research  to find out what type of pool was suitable for them.

They knew from the beginning that they wanted to connect the pool area with the ocean so a long staircase was built which make it feel like the whole area was one.


4 x 8 with 3-step stairs, with velded mosaikliner “Persia Sand” and an automatic poolcover. Build year 2020.

To find out more visit the customers Instagram page at: Villaerstavik.

Ett snyggt lock infällt i trallen döljer åtkomst till bräddavloppet.

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Helgaveltrappa med fyra steg och platssvetsad liner Persian Sand


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Det hydrauliska poolskyddet är infällt under trallen med serviceåtkomst via en diskret och snygg lucka.

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Vacker pergola 

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Persian Sand liner
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En snygg trappa ringlar ner för berget ner till havet nedanför.
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Pool 4 x 8 med helgaveltrappa, och liner persiansand och nedfälld furusarg. Byggår 2020.

Håll pekaren över punkterna för att få mer detaljinformation.